Blaque Diamond Wheels

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While most people in a vehicle do not stop to think about how their tires are impacting the appearance of their car, those who really love vehicles spend a lot of time making each piece perfect. If you are one of the most demanding car owners, you should really consider the styles and design options that are offered with the Blaque Diamond tires.

These wheels have existed long enough to leave a mark on the personalized automotive market. They are innovative in their design, but they also have a slightly retro style that makes them unique but also very classic in the way they look in any vehicle.

The style of radios in all designs tends to be more open, which makes them an excellent option even for the undersized wheel design that is so popular in sports vehicle styles.

Most Blaque Diamond wheels come in sizes of 20 and 22 inches, although the company has between 19 and 24 in several of its design styles. The wheels tend to have a pronounced lip, which really stands out with the silver edges that have an incredibly reflective and shiny finish.

Finishing options
In addition to the silver finish, Blaque Diamond wheels come with the highly desirable graphite or graphite machined finish. The graphite wheels are a matte color that really reminds of graphite, and this finish looks very classic in the dark colors of luxury sedans and urban cars.

Machined graphite offers the combination of the more matte color of graphite with a machined surface that is more reflective. This adds that flash to the Blaque Diamond wheels that makes them an excellent complement to classic sports cars and also to luxury vehicles.

The company rounds off its options with matt black wheels that are both classic and designed so that any vehicle looks fully customized. These black wheels are a great complement, even with white, silver or light colored vehicles, adding a touch of drama to the wheels is a subtle and discreet way.

As with any spare tire, the addition of Braque Diamond tires to your vehicle will be a definite improvement you will notice. The different designs of wheels from single to double spoke types are open and light, which gives the appearance of speed, performance and handling.

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